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Dreams Hill is a Film Production and International Sales Agency, and its main objective is to connect the audience to the best independent motion pictures

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" Suddenly I had a dream, a beautiful dream. I could taste it. I could embrace it. There was life still, there was a typewriter and paper and eyes to see it, and thoughts to keep it alive. I sat in my car at the top of Bunker Hill in the rain, and the dream enfolded me and I knew what I would do. "
John Fante

Dreams Hill is the Cinema Division of Bunker Hill srl, an Italian Company set in Rome, that is also a Publishing Company and an Art Factory. For the company name, the founder Antonio Giugliano, has been inspired by the feelings and the courage of Arturo Bandini, the protagonist of John Fante's novels.

If you have a project to develop, if you want to produce a movie in EU, if you are seeking a partner for an international coproduction, if you need a sales agent for your film, or, even if you have all those needings at once...don’t hesitate to contact us!

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